Invoice Cloud setup

Invoice Cloud is a payment portal that integrates with BriteCore to offer:

  • Electronic payments
  • Auto-pay
  • Bill presentment
  • Billing details

Note: As a payment processor, Invoice Cloud will show on BriteCore as the auto pay method on a policy.

Vendor setup

To set up Invoice Cloud:

  1. Contact Invoice Cloud.
  2. Set up your Invoice Cloud account.
  3. Obtain the necessary Invoice Cloud integration configuration information. Invoice Cloud provides the configuration details you need to set up Invoice Cloud in BriteCore.

BriteCore setup

Note: To avoid processing gaps, perform the setup at the end of a business day or on a day with no manually scheduled payments.

To set up Invoice Cloud in BriteCore:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Vendors.
  3. On the Vendors screen, under Payment Processing, select Invoice Cloud – CloudPay.
  4. Next to Invoice Cloud – CloudPay, select the edit icon .
  5. In the CloudPay dialog box, using the configuration details Invoice Cloud provided, add the following information:
    1. Biller GUID: Your unique billing component identifier.
    2. Web Service Key: A key that receives and serves existing cryptographic keys to users.
    3. API Key: A key that allows BriteCore and Invoice Cloud to connect via API.
    4. Invoice Format GUID: A unique identifier for the invoice format.
    5. Biller Code: A code to identify where the money is sent.

      Note: The Biller Code required to process BPay transactions.

    6. Invoice Type ID: A client-specific ID to use with the vendor.
    7. Allow Partial Payments: An option that allows customers to pay part of the total amount owed in installments as long as the total amount is paid before the required date.
    8. FTP Host Server: BriteCore’s File Transfer Protocol.
    9. FTP Username: A client-specific FTP username.
    10. FTP Password: A client-specific, password-protected FTP.
    11. Accept Credit Card Type: An option to select the types of credit cards you accept.
    12. Options: Options for ACH payments and credit cards.
    13. ACH Fee: An option to add an ACH fee.
    14. Credit Card fee: An option to add a credit card fee.
    15. Select Done.

Note: You need to enable the use-v2 advanced setting for the integration to function.