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ISO Motor Vehicle Report (Verisk iiX) overview

Verisk’s iiX offers an ISO Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) service.


The ISO MVRs are used to write auto property damage lines of business. MVRs provide information about drivers, such as age, license status, and previous incidents.

MVRs are created when:

  • An agent quotes in the Agent portal.
  • An internal staff member creates a quote in the Provider Administrator portal.

BriteCore’s integration with ISO Motor Vehicle Reports functions similarly to its integrations with ISO Loss History and ISO Credit Scoring.


Verisk’s iiX integration benefits:

  • MVRs are available for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and select Canadian provinces.
  • An MVR is attached as a PDF to the insured’s contact in the Contacts module. Having the full MVR report attached to the contact instead of the policy is helpful when writing umbrella policies.


Verisk’s iiX integration considerations:

  • Driver information is stored in the MotorVehicleReport database table.
  • Administrators need to set up a line item as a schedule item to access driver information.

Supported products

BriteCore supports Verisk’s iiX.

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Need help with a specific integration?

Related topics

Need help with a specific integration?