ISO Verisk – 360Value setup

360Value provides component-based replacement cost estimates for the full range of residential, commercial, and agricultural properties.

General setup

To complete the general setup:

  1. Contact 360Value and secure a contract.
  2. Obtain the following information from 360Value:
    • A User ID
    • A Group ID
    • Password

BriteCore setup


  1. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > 360Value.
  2. Select 360Value.
  3. Next to 360Value, select the edit icon.
  4. In the dialog box, enter the applicable credentials.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Agent Portal > Options.
  2. To ensure agents access 360Value reports on only applications only (instead of quotes and applications), select Allow property valuations only on applications.


  1. Navigate to Lines.
  2. Select an Effective Date.
  3. Next to the applicable policy type, select the edit icon.
  4. To enable property valuation for the policy type, select Allow Property Valuation.
  5. Repeat for each policy type.

New insured name requirement option for 360Value reports

The Require Insured Name checkbox controls whether or not a Named Insured is required to pull a 360Value report on a policy. If the checkbox is checked, a Named Insured must be included in the request report. To enable the setting for 360 Value reports from Verisk in BriteCore:

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > 360Value
  3. Select 360Value
  4. Select the edit icon next to 360Value
  5. Enter the appropriate credentials for User ID, Group ID, and password
  6. To require a Named Insured to pull a 360Value report on a policy, check the Require Insured Name box:
  7. Select Done

360Value valuation report available within a quote

Through the 360 Value vendor setting, you can now view the value report within the policy wizard. Agents have the capability to preview the 360 valuation report without the need to submit the app. When the report evaluation is completed within the quote builder, an Open Valuation Report button will appear next to Go to 360 Value.

Enable 360Value validation

To enable 360Value validation:

  1. Log in as an Administrator
  2. Navigate to Settings > Vendors > 360Value
  3. Fill the checkbox for 360 Value
  4. Select the edit pencil
  5. Provide the client data credentials

Use the 360Value validation

To use the 360Value validation:

  1. Create a new policy
  2. Provide the new quote information until you get to Rating
  3. Navigate in Rating to Property Valuation
  4. Select Go to 360ValueExample: Go to 360Value in Property Valuation.
  5. Choose from the Select a Type of Home options
  6. Complete the property interior and exterior valuation fields
  7. Review the Result quote and select Edit or Finish as necessary
  8. After finishing the valuation, select the Open Valuation Report for a PDF copyExample: Open Valuation Report on Property Valuation on the Rating tab.

    Example: Sample copy of the Replacement Cost Valuation PDF Report.

Note: The feature works the same for multiple properties, each property will have a rating form and its own report.

For more information, engineers can read Make the 360Value valuation report available within a quote.

View outages

You can check for outages on the Verisk website by viewing the current status of ISO Claims Solutions.