Issue a Negative Commission Report (statement)

Clients may choose for their commission reports to contain details from only the previous month. To ensure commission reports display information only from business conducted in the previous month, the following must occur:

  • Commission activity conducted in a month will be finalized and reported within that month.
  • Negative commissions from one month aren’t delayed or rolled over to another month.
  • Clients can export all calculated records for the month to a payment, and then issue the payment whether or not the payment is positive or negative.
  • Commissions start over at $0 each month.

When an agency has a negative commission balance, the agency will need to be informed so the negative balance can be addressed. See Enter manual adjustments. An agency is informed about the negative commission balance through the Negative Commission Report (statement).

To issue the Negative Commission Report:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Report List.
  2. If you see the view of the Reports List shown in Figure 1, select View Old Report List. If you see the legacy view of the Report List, move to step 3.
    Figure 1: New view of the Report List.
  3. In the Agency section, select Retrieve Negative Commission Reports link. The Retrieve Monthly Commission Reports dialog box will open.
  4. In the Contacts Available box, select the desired agency/agencies.
  5. Select either Download Report(s) or Email Report(s). If emailed, the report will go to the agency’s email address.

Note: If No Results displays in the Contacts Available box, there are no negative commissions for the month.