Items overview

Items are the coverages, fees, and endorsement forms attached to risks.

Note: When defining an item, you must select the type and presence.

Item types

You can add three types of items:

  • Coverages
  • Fees
  • Endorsements

Note: If you add an endorsement, you will need to select all of the associated coverages.

You can choose one of three ways to have an item appear to users:

  • Mandatory: A mandatory item is always selected and can’t be removed.
  • Default: A default item will automatically be selected, but a user can choose to unselect it.
  • Optional: An optional item is unselected by default, but a user can choose to select it.

Associated items for endorsement forms

When creating an endorsement item, the Associated Items field is displayed.

The Associated Items field is a multi-select list that includes the other items that have been defined. You will be required to associate at least one item with an endorsement.

Note: You won’t be allowed to delete an item that is the only associated item on an endorsement. You will see a message indicating that the endorsement must be amended prior to deleting the item.

Item presence

When defining an item, you must select one of the following to indicate the item’s presence:

  • Mandatory
  • Default
  • Optional


The item’s type determines whether or not the mandatory items are selected:

  • Coverage and Fee mandatory items are always selected on a risk.
  • Endorsement mandatory items are selected when any associated items are attached.

Note: You can’t unselect Endorsement mandatory items.


When quoting, default items are selected by default, but you can unselect them. Endorsement default items are displayed and selected when any associated items are attached.


When quoting, optional items are unselected by default, but you can select them. Endorsement optional items are displayed and selectable when any associated items have been selected.

Note: If all of the associated items on an optional endorsement are removed, then the endorsement is removed and no longer available.