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Items are the coverages, fees, and endorsement forms attached to risks.

You can add three types of items:

  • Coverages
  • Fees
  • Endorsements

If you want to see the existing items, select Items.

Figure 1: View existing items.

On the Items screen, you can:

  • Select an existing item to edit it.
  • Select + Add Item to create a new item.
Figure 2: Create a new item.

Item names

When naming items, follow a consistent format to make them easier to identify. By default, reference names are in camel case, such as baseRatesPropertyDamage.

Typically, clients are more concerned with naming conventions for labels than reference names, since labels appear on the UI. The exception to this is when a client is using an API.

Important: Check with the client to see if they have a preference for their item labels and reference names. If they’re using an API, their reference names will need to follow a specific format.

Table 1: Example item name formats.

Note: If you soft delete an item name from the UI, you can’t reuse it again unless you have an engineer clear the soft deletions from the database.

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