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IVANS Download services overview

Insurers employ BriteCore as a policy administration system. Independent agencies and managing general agents (MGAs) may use their own agency management system to manage the policies they write for multiple insurers.

To offer excellent customer service to policyholders, it is crucial the agency’s management system is updated when a change is made in the insurer’s policy administration system. IVANS Download automates the information exchange between BriteCore, which is the insurer’s policy administration system, and their agency management system.

IVANS Download is divided into four integrations in the BriteCore system:

For more information about IVANS Download, you can also view the IVANS Download brochure.


BriteCore staff must build the client’s lines of business in BriteCore. Once the lines of business are stable, BriteCore staff should contact IVANS staff.

During this time, the client should work with IVANS to set up an IVANS account. Clients should receive a username and password that will connect BriteCore to their IVANS account. These will also allow them to log in to the IVANS interface.

Implement IVANS Download services

This implementation section includes steps you must take to implement each of the four NxTech integrations in BriteCore.

To view implementation steps specific to each integration, please see the following topics:

The IVANS Download integration takes approximately six to nine months to complete. BriteCore staff will work with IVANS staff to set up the IVANS integration.

Note: The IVANS staff working on the implementation must be given Administrator access to the client’s instance of BriteCore.

Developers can read IVANS Integrations on GitHub.

Step 1: Add IVANS staff as administrators to the client’s BriteCore

Complete the steps to add an administrator in BriteCore.

Step 2: Add system tags

IVANS Download uses AL3 codes, which are added in BriteCore as system tags, to determine how to translate and reformat exported information. IVANS staff assists clients with adding AL3 codes to BriteCore, but BriteCore employees don’t enter AL3 codes.

To add AL3 codes as system tags, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. From the System Wide dropdown list, select System Tags.
  3. Under Tags from the Select a Tag dropdown list, select NxTech AL3 Codes.
  4. From the Select an Effective Date dropdown list, select the effective date.
  5. Complete the steps to add a new system tag.

Step 3: Test and certify the implementation

To prepare for this step, BriteCore staff should create test policies. IVANS staff will need to export a policy. To export an .xml file of the policy, please see Export policy as an .xml file.

IVANS will inform BriteCore staff once the implementation has passed the certification process and IVANS is prepared to move forward with the implementation.

Step 4: Enable the integration(s) in BriteCore

To enable IVANS Download integration:

  1. In the navigation, select Settings > Vendors.
  2. Check the checkbox beside one or more of the following options:
    1. NxTech Claims
    2. NxTech DBCS
    3. NxTech Download
    4. NxTech eDocs
  3. Select the pencil icon beside each selected integration to open the integration’s dialog box.
  4. In the Username box, add your IVANS username.
  5. In the Password box, add your IVANS password.
  6. In the Address box, add the IP address where BriteCore should export files to.
  7. Under Upload Enabled, check the checkbox.
  8. From the Upload Method dropdown list, select the upload method you would like to use:
    • FTP
    • SFTP
    • HTTP
  9. In the Push Address box, add
  10. In the Login Address box, add
  11. Select Done.

View any additional steps that may be necessary for each integration in BriteCore:

There are two methods that have been used to set up the server for IVANS Download: push method and pull method. The pull method is no longer used for new clients. Enabling the vendor in BriteCore will set up the server for the push method.

Step 5: Add agencies

IVANS uses the agencies’ User IDs to ensure that the applicable information is directed to the correct agencies.

To set up agencies for IVANS Download:

  1. In IVANS, set up the agency.
  2. In BriteCore, create a new agency contact.
  3. Enter the IVANS User ID as the Agency Number for each agency.

Note: If you add additional agencies in the future, you will also need to use the NxTech Initial Load for Agency support tool to generate an IVANS file containing applicable policy information to date.

Use IVANS Download services

BriteCore will compile and export an .xml file overnight, which includes transactions from the day before. The information included in this .xml file is determined by the NxTech integrations you’ve enabled in BriteCore:

Related BriteCore settings and tools

The following BriteCore settings allow you to customize your IVANS Download integration:

  • Month-End .xls reports administrative alert
  • Ivans downloads export calculation items advanced setting
  • NxTech fee premium tags advanced setting

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?