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IVANS integration overview

Insurers employ BriteCore as a policy administration system. Independent agencies and managing general agents (MGA) may use their own agency management system to manage the policies they write for multiple insurers.

To offer excellent customer service to policyholders, it’s crucial the agency’s management system is updated when a change is made in the insurer’s policy administration system. IVANS Download automates the information exchange between BriteCore, which is the insurer’s policy administration system, and their agency management system.


With the IVANS integrations, you can:

  • Automate information exchange between BriteCore and the agency’s management system.
  • Update the agency’s management system when a change is made in the insurer’s policy administration system.
  • Use eDocs to build and upload generated XML files to the IVANS servers, where the eDocs portal compiles the data into a concise, usable format that’s disseminated to agents and agencies.


IVANS integration benefits:

  • Policies and eDocs print on the same day to ensure information is accurate.
  • BriteCore can process eDocs at a later date if the documents have been generated with a print date.
  • BriteCore allows you to customize your IVANS Download integration through the following settings:
    • Month-End .xls reports administrative alert
    • Ivans downloads export calculation items advanced setting
    • NxTech fee premium tags advanced setting


IVANS integration considerations:

  • Setup typically takes 6-9 months.
  • BriteCore staff must build the client’s lines of business in BriteCore.

Supported products

BriteCore supports the following IVANS Download products:

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?