IVANS UI support to build and upload files

Clients can create new file folder names in IVANS by enabling the IVANS eDoc Build Tool. A new UI access was created for two new support tools which allow manual eDocs creation and upload of an eDocs file by the XML file name.

  • Build eDocs XML allows clients to create new XML files by specifying the date cursor and passing the policy number of the files and then checking the documents needed in the XML transactions
  • Upload eDocs file allows a client to manually specify a filename, having the successfulUpload=0

To enable the new settings:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Vendors.
  3. Scroll to Download Solutions and check the box NxTech eDocs.
  4. Navigate to the Support Tools in the far left corner.
  5. Select IVANS eDocs Build Tool.
  6. Provide the Select Cursor Date.
  7. Provide the Affected Policies.
  8. Select the appropriate box of the Document Titles.
  9. The XML Filename will generate to the IVANS eDocs Upload tool.

Engineers can read PR 8769 for more information.