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LexisNexis Advanced Linking Initiative overview

The LexisNexis Advanced Linking Initiative integration uses LexID® to unify the way insurance data and public records information are included in an auto insurance customer’s file.


  • Links and analyzes multiple data entities, such as customers and vehicles.
  • Uses LexID®: A unique identifier that combines a multitude of data sources and cross-checks them to provide a single data reference point.


According to LexisNexis, LexID® works with their Scalable Automated Linking Technology through:

  • Identification: LexisNexis assigns their own unique identifier, LexID®, to new records.

Note: LexID® isn’t derived from personally identifiable information, such as a Social Security number.

  • Connection: LexisNexis uses their patented Scalable Automated Linking Technology to link records with intersecting data points and then assigns the connected data points the same LexID®.
  • Enhancement: LexisNexis continuously updates identity profiles to consume new records to show the identity changes over time.


  • Provides accurate, comprehensive, and secure customer data.
  • Handles dynamic customer consent.
  • Ensures customers clearly understand what data is reported.
  • Allows customers to report incomplete or inaccurate data.

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?