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LexisNexis FIRSt setup

In BriteSuite, LexisNexis® Financial Institution Reporting System (FIRSt) sends updated personal auto policy information to the appropriate lienholder(s). FIRSt sends updated policy data from BriteCore to LexisNexis, where it is distributed to the lienholders.

FIRSt sends LexisNexis data for the following personal auto policy transactions:

  • Cancellations
  • New business
  • Expirations
  • Reinstatements
  • Renewals
  • Rewrites
  • Endorsements

Vendor setup

To set up FIRSt with LexisNexis:

  1. Contact LexisNexis.
  2. Complete the required paperwork and setup process.
  3. Obtain the LexisNexis information required to set up the integration in BriteCore.

BriteCore setup

To set up the LexisNexis FIRSt integration in BriteCore, contact BriteCore support.

Additional information

Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?