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Line item options database locations

Each line item option lives in BriteCore’s database. Table 1 displays all of the line item options and where they are located in the database.

Table 1: Line item options database locations.

Line item has a limitpolicy_type_items.hasLimit
Line item has a rate or a deductiblepolicy_type_items.hasRate
Item is a factor of the previous term's premiumpolicy_type_items.dividendFactor
Allow mortgagee/loss payee to be attached to this line itemproperty_items.builderObj where the object contains lossPayees
Line item is [mandatory/default] for this policy typepolicy_type_items.mandatory
Allow multiples of this itempolicy_type_items.allowMultiples
Line item is reported under a loss exposure grouppolicy_type_items.lossExposure > revision_items.lossExposureGroup > property_items.lossExposureGroup
Premium/fee is fully earned/collected at inception and is non-refundablepolicy_type_items.fullyEarned
Premium/fee is fully billed/collected at inception and can be returned pro-ratapolicy_type_items.fullyBilled
Line item overrides another line item's limitpolicy_type_items.overrideLimit
Line item's premium is added to another line item's premiumpolicy_type_items.combinePremium
Line item modifies another line item's requested limit at renewalpolicy_type_items.renewalModify policy_type_items.renewalSplitBy policy_type_items.renewalFactor policy_type_items.renewalZipFactors
This line item applies ifpolicy_type_items.lossFreeCredit
Only Available Forpolicy_type_items.limitAvailability
Display on Declaration aspolicy_type_items.displayOnDecAs
Do not display under Rating Information on the Declarationpolicy_type_items.doNotDisplayInRatingInformation
Do not trigger Persistent Builder for newly-added Category objectpolicy_type_items.skipPBOnCategoryAdd
Show in Builderpolicy_type_items.showInBuilder
Do not display on Declaration when premium equals 0policy_type_items.doNotDisplayWhenZero
Display the premium as Incl on the Declaration when premium equals 0policy_type_items.displayPremiumAsIncl
Line item is not rated pro-rata or by term factorpolicy_type_items.excludedProrataAndFactor
No commission is paid on this line itempolicy_type_items.noCommissionPaidOnLineItem
Show limit and premium under Rating Information on the Declarationpolicy_type_items.showLimitAndPremiumOnDec
Do not trigger Persistent Builder when added mandatorilypolicy_type_items.skipPBOnMandatoryAdd
Pro-rate fee in Builderpolicy_type_items.proRateFee
Line item not available in BriteQuotepolicy_type_items.hideInBriteQuote
Disallow Submit Bound if this item is applied to an applicationpolicy_type_items.disallowSubmitBound
Disallow Submit Bound if limit exceedspolicy_type_items.submitBoundLimit policy_type_items.submitBoundLimitUpper
Prevent this item from being deleted on BriteQuote's Builderpolicy_type_items.preventFromBeingDeleted