Line item options

Each line item type has a variety of settings that dictate how, when, and where the line item behaves and appears. Table 1 displays all of the line item options and provides a description for each.

Table 1: Line item options.

Line item has a limitAllows a limit to be defined.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Line item has a rate or a deductibleAllows a rate/rate chain/deductible to be defined.Coverage/Adjustment/ Fee/Calculation
Item is a factor of the previous term's premiumAllows reference of a previous term's premium.Dividend
Allow mortgagee/loss payee to be attached to this line itemAllows for a loss payee to be attached to a specific line item.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Line item is [mandatory/default] for this policy typeSets the line item as mandatory or default which determines whether it can be removed from a policy.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Allow multiples of this itemAllows a line item to be added multiple times.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Line item is reported under a loss exposure groupAllows line items to be grouped for reporting.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Premium/fee is fully earned/collected at inception and is non-refundableThe item bills for the entire amount and won't be pro-rated if the policy cancels flat or mid-term.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Premium/fee is fully billed/collected at inception and can be returned pro-rataThe item bills for the entire amount but is pro-rated if the policy cancels mid-term.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Line item overrides another line item's limitAllows the limit of this line item to replace the limit of another item.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Line item's premium is added to another line item's premiumAllows for combining premiums and is used in place of calculating line items after all other line item adjustments and premium calculations.Adjustment
Line item modifies another line item's requested limit at renewalThe item can modify another item's limit by a factor. An extension is the ability to define the factor by zip code.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
This line item applies ifAllows for claims-free surcharges/discounts/experience rating.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Only Available ForLimits a line item to new or renewal business.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Display on Declaration asCreate various Declaration sections in Settings > Deliverables > Declaration > Declaration Section. You can designate a section to apply the line item to once you create the sections.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Do not display under Rating Information on the DeclarationHides category and supplemental question information from a Declaration's Rating Information section.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Show in BuilderAllows line item to display in BriteCore and/or BriteQuote.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Do not display on Declaration when premium equals 0Allows line items to be hidden on the Declaration if its premium is 0.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Display the premium as Incl on the Declaration when premium equals ​$0The premium shows Incl on the Declaration—indicating the line item premium is included in the policy premium.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee
Do not trigger Persistent Builder for newly-added Category objectWon't trigger Persistent Builder for newly-added Category objects.Coverage
Line item is not rated pro-rata or by term factorPrevents calculation line items from being affected by cancellations and terms.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
No commission is paid on this line itemCommission isn't calculated on the line item's written or paid premium.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Show limit and premium under Rating Information on the DeclarationShows the limit and premium in the Declaration's Rating Information section.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Do not trigger Persistent Builder when added mandatorilyAllows users to add a new line item to a policy without triggering Persistent Builder.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Pro-rate fee in BuilderFor use on items that don't reference pro-rata premium in rate calculation.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Line item not available in BriteQuotePrevents agents from selecting a line item in BriteQuote.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend
Disallow Submit Bound if this item is applied to an applicationRequires the line item to be submitted unbound if it's added to an application.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Disallow Submit Bound if limit exceedsAllows users to define the limit above which an application must be submitted unbound.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation
Prevent this item from being deleted on BriteQuote's BuilderPrevents agents from deleting line items.Coverage/Adjustment/Non-Rate/Fee/Calculation/Dividend