Line item settings

In BriteCore, you can use line item settings to make changes that affect lines of business.

The Line item settings table lists all of the line item settings and includes descriptions, use cases, and examples.

Table 1: Line item settings

Setting Description Use case / Example


Line item has a limit

Define a line item limit.

Coverage A has a limit of $500,000, and an administrator wants to make sure an agent doesn’t go over the limit.

Line item has a rate and/or a deductible

Define a rate, rate chain, or deductible.

Rating factors

Allow mortgagee/loss payee to be attached to this line item

Attach a loss payee to a specific line item.

Used for coverages that need their own loss payee, like farm equipment and hog/poultry houses.

Line item is [Mandatory/Default] for this policy type

Make a line item mandatory or default, which determines whether an agent can remove it from a policy.

Agents can’t remove mandatory line items from a policy.

Allow multiples of this item

Add a line item multiple times.

Line item is reported under a loss exposure group

Group line items for reporting.


Premium/fee is fully earned/collected at inception and is non-refundable

The item bills for the entire amount and won’t be prorated if the policy cancels flat or mid-term.

Premium/fee is fully billed/collected at inception and can be returned pro-rata

The item bills for the entire amount but will be prorated if the policy cancels mid-term.

Line item overrides another line item's limit

Use the limit of this line item to replace the limit of another item.

Replacement cost contents increase Coverage C limit.

Line item modifies another line item's requested limit at renewal

The line item can modify another item's limit by a factor. Use an extension to define the factor by zip code.

Inflation Guard

This line item applies if [less/more] than [0-10] claims have been [filed/paid] within the last [1-10] years

Use for claims-free surcharges, discounts, and experience rating.

Only Available For: [New Policies/Renewals]

Limit a line item to only New or Renewal business.

Inflation Guard applies to renewals only.

Display on Declaration as: [Section I, Section II, Optional Items]

In Settings > Deliverables > Declaration > Declaration Section, you can create various sections and designate which Declaration section to apply the line item.

Do not display under Rating Information on the Declaration

Hide the Rating Information section, where category and supplemental question information is displayed, from Declarations.

Show in Builder: [BriteCore and BriteQuote / BriteCore Only]

Choose where to display line items: BriteCore and/or BriteQuote.

If a client wants only an underwriter or administrator to see certain calculations or premiums, you can hide line items from a particular portal.

Do not display on Declaration when premium equals $0

Hide a line item on the Declaration if its premium is $0.

Display the premium as "Incl" on the Declaration when premium equals $0

On the Declaration, the premium shows "Incl” to indicate the line item premium is included in the policy premium.

Line item is not rated pro-rata or by term factor

Use for calculation line items that shouldn’t be affected by cancellations and terms.

No commission is paid on this line item

Commission isn’t calculated on the line item’s written or paid premium.

Show limit and premium under Rating Information on the Declaration

Use to show the limit and premium in the Rating Information section of the Declaration.

Do not trigger Persistent Builder when added mandatorily

Permits users to add a new line item to a policy without triggering the Persistent Builder, which reconciles line items across effective dates.

Do not trigger Persistent Builder for newly-added Category object

Adding a category to a line item that didn’t previously have a category won’t trigger the Persistent Builder.

Prorate fee in Builder (for use on items that don't reference pro-rata premium in rate calculation)

Line item not available in BriteQuote

Prevents agents from selecting the line item in BriteQuote.

Disallow "Submit Bound" if this item is applied to an application

If the line item gets added to an application, it must be submitted unbound.

Line item does not apply if policy is on Agency Billing

Makes the line item unavailable for wholesale agents.

Prevent this item from being deleted on BriteQuote's Builder

Prevents agents from deleting the line item in the BriteQuote Builder.

A client may have different underwriting questionnaires based upon business classification. When the questionnaire line item is added, clients would’nt want the agent to have the ability to remove it.


Disallow "Submit Bound" if limit exceeds

If you allow bound application submission, this allows you to define the limit above which an application must be submitted unbound.


Line item's premium is added to another line item's premium

Allows for combining premiums. Used in place of calculating line items.


This item is a factor of the previous term's premium: [Enter Percentage]