Line items

A line item is an individual item on a policy. Each line item has two or three sections:

  • Setup
  • Rating (if the line item has a limit or rate)
  • Supplemental Questions

Line item types

In the Lines module, you can create six types of line items:

  • Coverage
  • Adjustment
  • Non-Rate
  • Fee
  • Calculation
  • Dividend


A coverage line item is simply a type of insurance coverage.

  • Coverage
  • Coverage A
  • Coverage B
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Spoilage


An adjustment line item is an endorsement that alters premium that a claim is never filed against. You can use an adjustment if a policy type is eligible for a discount or a surcharge.


  • Solid Fuel Surcharge
  • New Home Discount
  • Central Fire Credit
  • Accessibility Surcharge
  • Roof Surcharge
  • Swimming Pool Surcharge
  • Minimum Premium Adjustment


A non-rate line item is a non-premium-bearing endorsement or exclusion that doesn’t require limits or a rate but may need to appear on a deliverable, specifically the Declaration.


  • Underwriting Questionnaire for Quoting
  • Additional Insured
  • Cosmetic Damage to Metal Exclusion
  • Fungi/Mold Limited Coverage


A fee line item is any item with a dollar amount to be reported.


  • Policy Fee
  • New York State Fire Fee


A calculation line item is a tool for calculating complex, multi-step rates that must be reported separately. Calculation line items typically aren’t displayed on the Declaration, but they can be.


  • Coverage A Fire Premium
  • Coverage A EC Premium


A dividend line item is used for the specific case where BriteCore must reference the premium from the previous policy term to calculate an insured’s dividend.