Line items

A line item is an individual item on a policy. Each line item has two or three sections:

  • Setup
  • Rating (if the line item has a limit or rate)
  • Supplemental Questions

Line item types

In the Lines module, you can create six types of line items:

  • Coverage
  • Adjustment
  • Non-Rate
  • Fee
  • Calculation
  • Dividend


A Coverage line item is simply a type of insurance coverage.

  • Coverage
  • Coverage A
  • Coverage B
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Spoilage


An Adjustment line item is an endorsement that alters premium that a claim is never filed against. You can use an Adjustment if a Policy Type is eligible for a discount or a surcharge.


  • Solid Fuel Surcharge
  • New Home Discount
  • Central Fire Credit
  • Accessibility Surcharge
  • Roof Surcharge
  • Swimming Pool Surcharge
  • Minimum Premium Adjustment


A Non-Rate line item is a non-premium-bearing endorsement or exclusion that doesn’t require limits or a rate but may need to appear on a deliverable, specifically the Declaration.


  • Underwriting Questionnaire for Quoting
  • Additional Insured
  • Cosmetic Damage to Metal Exclusion
  • Fungi/Mold Limited Coverage


A Fee line item is any item with a dollar amount to be reported.


  • Policy Fee
  • New York State Fire Fee


A Calculation line item is a tool for calculating complex, multi-step rates that must be reported separately. Calculation line items typically aren’t—but can be—displayed on the Declaration.


  • Coverage A Fire Premium
  • Coverage A EC Premium


A Dividend line item is used for the specific case where BriteCore must reference the premium from the previous policy term to calculate an insured’s dividend.

Line item options

For information about line item options, visit the following links:

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  • [Line item options client examples] [INTERNAL ONLY]