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In BriteLines, products are set up in a product hierarchy based on parent-child relationships, meaning the child inherits data and properties from the parent.

For more information, read the product inheritance overview.

Figure 1: The Line Overview screen.

To add a new product, select Add Product, complete information in the Add Product dialog box, and then select Save Product.

Figure 2: The Add Product dialog box.

Parent product

The parent product:

  • Defaults to Countrywide.
  • Typically has states as child products, such as Missouri (MO) Auto.

Child products

Child products:

  • Are nested below their parent product in the product hierarchy.
  • Inherit the overall template from the parent product through product inheritance.
  • Contain information specific to the state, such as ZIP codes and rating.

Note: Once child products are built, you no longer change things in the parent product, but instead, you break the inheritance in the child products by overriding the parent product settings.

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