Lines settings – Options

In BriteCore, Lines has the following module-specific setting: Blank Category Default.

Blank Category Default

Blank Category Default is a global setting. When selected, the setting defaults all category dropdown lists to None Selected with the exclusion of Premium BasisDeductibles, and Limits.

Important: BriteCore recommends you don’t use Blank Category Default because it restricts flexibility in configuring lines of business.


BriteCore recommends you don’t use Blank Category Default. If you choose to use it, please read the following considerations:

  • The Blank Category Default restricts flexibility in configuring lines of business.
  • In BriteCore, if you don’t set a default category value, the category defaults to the first option in the category list, which takes precedence over the Blank Category Default setting.

Recommended alternative

When building categories, use None Selected as the default category option to:

  • Get the most flexibility when configuring lines of business.
  • Ensure agents answer a category question.

Note: A category with None Selected prevents the rating of a policy.

Access the Blank Category Default setting

To access the Blank Category Default setting:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Modules, and then select Lines.
  3. On the Settings screen, under Options, you can select/unselect Blank Category Default.