Loss Run Report

A Loss Run report is created by an agent for a single policy. A Loss Run report is a frequent request from a policyholder. This first stage of Loss Run reports will allow the agent to create a Loss Run for one of their policies without having to contact the carrier.

Functionality details:

  • Loss Run will be available to the agent/agency view
  • Loss Run is accessed via the (new) Loss Run tab under the Reports menu
  • To create a Loss Run the agent must supply:
    • Policy Number
    • Loss Run Start Date
    • Loss Run End Date
  • The agent can only create a Loss Run for a policy that they have access to (i.e. policy belongs to their agency)
  • The Loss Run Start and End dates will determine how long the loss run will cover
    • Example: Entering Dates 1/1/2015 to 1/1/2020 would create a 5-year Loss Run
  • All claims for the policy that has a Date of Loss between the Start and End date

Additional information