Step 7 – Make a payment

Once you set reserves, you can submit payments made on the claim. If you haven’t already set reserves, see Step 6 – Set reserves.

Financial authority limits

BriteCore provides the option to set financial authority limits based on the experience of claims adjusters and supervisors. When financial authority limits are set, and a claims adjuster or supervisor attempts to make a payment above their financial authority limit, BriteCore won’t save the transaction. The financial authority limits are controlled by three settings:

To learn more about financial authority limits, see Establish financial authority limits.

Make a payment

To make a payment, open the desired claim and:

  1. Select Accounting in the claim’s menu.
  2. Navigate to and select the Transactions collapsible box. The Transactions box will open.
    Figure 1: The open Transactions box.
  3. Select the + Add an Entry button next to Payments. The Payment dialog box will open. 
    Figure 2: The Payment dialog box.
  4. The date will automatically populate. Ensure that the date entered is correct. To change the date, type the date in the Date boxes using the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  5. From the Payment Method dropdown list, select the correct payment method.
  6. In the gray box, the added coverages will populate along with the Deductible Applied box.
  7. In the Deductible Applied box, enter the amount of the applied deductible if applicable.
  8. Navigate to the Coverage section beneath the Deductible Applied box. Beneath the Coverage Limit, you’ll see Loss Payment, Adjusting Payment, and Legal Payment. In the applicable payment box, type the amount of the payment made. As necessary, repeat this process for each coverage section
  9. From the Payment Classification dropdown list, select the type of payment you’re making.

    Note:The types of payment classifications are determined in Settings > Modules > Claims > Claim Payment Classifications.

  10. From the Payee(s) dropdown list, select the contact that is receiving the payment. BriteCore will automatically populate the contact name you select in the Displayed on the check: box.
  11. If you’re adding more than one payee, select the + Add Payee button. From the And/Or dropdown list, select the appropriate conjunction. From the Payee(s) dropdown list, select the contact that is receiving the payment. BriteCore will automatically populate the contact name and conjunction you select in the Displayed on the check: box.
    Figure 3: View of the selected payee’s name appearing in the Displayed on the check: box. After selecting + Add Payee, the And/Or box and another Payee(s) box populate.
  12. In the Memo box, type a memo as you would like it to appear on the check. 

    Note:The Memo box doesn’t appear by default. It is controlled by the advanced setting payment-options. If the value of showMemo is true, BriteCore will display the Memo box. If the value of showMemo is false, BriteCore won’t display the Memo box.

  13. When you’re finished, select Done. If you didn’t set the reserve before adding this payment transaction, a Warning pop-up window will open, stating the following:

    You can’t make the payment because the following items have no reserve set!

    <<Reserve type>>  Reserve is $0.00!

    Please reduce the payment amounts or raise the reserves in order to make this payment!

Usage consideration

As you make payment transactions, BriteCore updates the Paid to Date columns in the Coverage table(s), calculates the subtotals of the Paid to Date transactions, and populates the Losses Paid field of the Summary section with the sum of each Coverage table’s Paid to Date Subtotal.