Make a payment

If your provider allows it, you can access the Payments module through the Policyholder portal. In the Payments module, you can make payments on amounts due/overdue in the current term or next term of your policies.

 Note: To make a payment, you must first add a valid payment method.

To make a payment:

  1. Access the My Payments screen.
  2. Under the payment due amount, select Make Payment.
  3. On the Make Payment screen, select a payment method from the Payment Method dropdown list.
  4. Under Amount, select the amount from the dropdown list. You have a choice to pay the current amount due or pay off the entire policy term.
  5. Select the Pay <specific amount> now button.
  6. A Confirm Payment dialog displays: Are you sure you want to pay <specific amount> from your <specific payment method>?  Select OK.
  7. A Payment Processed Successfully pop-up window appears. Select OK.
  8. An email will be sent confirming the payment, amount number, and policy number.