Manage the Sweep Queue

In the Sweep Queue of the Payments module, you can remove and submit payments. When payments are in the Sweep Queue, they haven’t been processed yet and don’t appear as transactions in the Account History table of a policy’s Accounts Receivable screen. If you choose to remove a payment, the payment won’t be voided, but it also won’t be processed. If you choose to submit the Sweep Queue, all payments in the queue will be processed, and the transactions will be recorded in the Account History table of the Accounts Receivable screen.

Remove a payment

To remove a payment from the Sweep Queue:

  1. In the Sweep Queue section of the Schedule Sweep screen, navigate to the payment you want to remove.
  2. Select the red X next to the payment. A Confirm pop-up window will open with the following message:

    Are you certain you want to delete this payment?

  3. Select OK to delete the payment.

Submit Sweep Queue

To submit payments in the Sweep Queue, in the Sweep Queue section, select Submit Sweep. The Sweep Queue will be cleared.

Note: If there are payments that aren’t able to process when you submit the Sweep Queue, a Message pop-up window will open and notify you that some payments weren’t successfully submitted from the Sweep Queue.