Manage vendors on a claim file

On the Parties screen, claims adjusters can add vendors to a claim file. An adjuster can add any individual or organization to a claim file and the individuals or organizations may already be approved vendors. If an organization or individual isn’t an approved vendor and wants to be a payee, they will need to first be approved.  Claims adjusters don’t have the authority to approve vendors. Vendors that aren’t approved won’t receive payment on the filed claim until approved. If a vendor who isn’t approved is added to a claim file, use this workflow to ensure vendor approval and payment.


BriteCore Contacts must be configured to display the Approved Vendor checkbox on the contact record. To display the Approved Vendor checkbox, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for enabled_gen3_modules. Ensure BriteClaims is listed in the Setting Value box. If it isn’t, type BriteClaims.

Add a vendor to a claim

When you add vendors as an associated party, they will automatically populate in a related screen. For example, with the role of Medical Professional or Medical Facility, when you add a party with one of those roles, the party will automatically show up on the Injury screen. Conversely, if those parties are added to the Injury screen they automatically show as associated parties on the Parties screen.

To add a vendor to a claim on the Parties screen, you can do one of the following:

  • Add the vendor as an Associated Party, which will automatically add the vendor to the Vendors / Other section. See Add an associated party.
  • Add the vendor in the Vendors / Other section, which will give you the option to add the vendor as an associated party to the involved parties that will use this vendor’s services. See Add Vendors / Other.

To avoid duplicate contacts, the claims adjuster should first search for the vendor to see if the vendor is an existing contact. See Search for an existing contact.

Note: If the the claims adjuster searches by SSN or TIN, the duplicate logic will run and will pull any generated results that match the SSN or TIN.

If the vendor isn’t an existing contact, the claims adjuster can add a new vendor. Vendors can be added as an individual or an organization. See Add new contact as a party – Individual and Add new contact as a party – Organization. When a new vendor is added a claim file, the vendor will not receive payment until it is designated as an Approved Vendor.

Approve a vendor

Claims adjusters don’t have the authority to approve vendors. Typically, vendors are approved by an employee in accounting. To approve a vendor the following information must be reviewed for accuracy on both the vendor record and the vendor’s W-9:

  • Vendor’s name
  • Vendor’s address
  • Vendor’s Tax ID/SSN

When these items are verified as accurate, the approver can select the Approved Vendor checkbox in the contact’s record in BriteCore Contacts.

Figure 1: The selected Approved Vendor checkbox.

When the Approved Vendor checkbox is selected, BriteCore will display the label Approved Vendor in the Roles column of the vendor in the Vendors / Other section on the Parties screen.

Figure 2: The Approved Vendor label.

Usage considerations

When the vendor is approved, it is approved for the current claim and all future claims it is associated with. Once the vendor is approved, claims adjusters are no longer able to modify the vendor party information on the claim or any claim. In the Party Detail dialog box of the party, the user will see a lock icon in place of the Edit link. When the vendor is approved, users can select the vendor as a payee in the Payee dropdown list when making a payment.