Manual Coverages overview

The Manual Coverages screen allows you to add, edit, and remove coverages. Manual coverages are created to allow users to set reserves and make payments when a personal auto loss occurs out of state or a risk or coverage isn’t on a policy due to an out-of-sequence endorsement.

You can add a manual coverage to a claim when you’re adding an exposure. Manual coverages added in System Admin > Manual Coverages will populate the Manual Coverage dropdown list in the Add Exposure dialog box when you select the + Add Manual Coverage link.

Manual coverages aren’t set up out of box and should be configured as part of the implementation process.

In the Manual Coverages screen, you can:

  • Add a manual coverage.
  • View a manual coverage.
  • Edit a manual coverage.
  • Delete a manual coverage.

You can’t edit, view, or delete manual coverages in bulk.