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Manual inspections setup

Clients can manually create inspection files and email them to specific contacts. Primarily, this is for clients using in-house inspectors.

BriteCore setup

To set up Manual Inspections in BriteCore:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Vendors.
  3. On the Vendors screen, under Inspections, select Manual Inspections.
  4. Next to Manual Inspections, select the edit icon .
  5. In the Manual Inspections dialog box, in the EMail Inspection Requests To box, type the email address(es) you want to send inspection files to.
  6. Select Done.

BriteCore processing

To set up BriteCore processing:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Policies.
  2. On the Policies screen, in the Search for a Policy box, type the name of the applicable policy, and then select Search or press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
  3. In the results list, select the policy.
  4. In the Policy menu, select Property.
  5. On the Property screen, under Inspection Request, select Request Manual Inspection.

    Note: Only staff can order reports; agents don’t see the Request Manual Inspection option.

  6. On the Request Manual Inspection screen, select the appropriate Report and Supplements.

    Note: Today’s date will appear under Last Inspection Date.

  7. In the Next Inspection Date section, type the applicable date.

    Note: When the specified email recipients receive the email and attached file, they need to provide the file to the responsible party.

If you want to see upcoming inspections, you can run the Inspections Due report.

File contents

The file allows the following data to be collected but may not contain information for each data point:

  • Account Number
  • Policy Number
  • Inspection Type 1
  • Inspection Type 2
  • Inspection Type 3
  • Inspection Type 4
  • Replacement Cost 1
  • Replacement Cost 2
  • Replacement Cost 3
  • Replacement Cost 4
  • Agent Code
  • Agent Name
  • Agent Phone
  • Agent Fax
  • Insured Name
  • DBA
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone 1
  • Contact Phone 2
  • Contact Phone 3
  • Location Address
  • Location City
  • Location State
  • Location Zip
  • Location County
  • Mailing Address
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Zip
  • Coverage Amount
  • Contents Amount
  • Gross Annual Receipts
  • Payroll
  • Building Amount
  • Business Type
  • Year Built
  • Assigned Date
  • Due Date
  • Inception Date
  • Special Instructions
  • Rush
  • Email Address

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Additional information

Need help with a specific integration?

Related topics

  • Manual inspections setup

Need help with a specific integration?