Map BriteCore data fields to the Data Dictionary

The BriteCore Data Dictionary gives you an overview of all data sets and data points available for use in BriteData.

How data points are labeled doesn’t correspond with BriteCore’s user interface (UI). Before you build your report, it helps to map your data sources.

Figure 1: Policy Builder in the BriteCore UI.

The Policy State data set in the Data Dictionary gives you a snapshot of the inforce policy at a given point in time. For the following fields:

  • Policy Term Premium: Select Policy Annual Premium from Policy State data set.
  • Pro-Rata Premium: Select Policy Inforce Premium from Policy State data set.
  • Line Items: Select Item Type from the Items data set.

Other relevant mappings:

  • Policy Revision History: If you want to see the changes in premium, select data points from the Policy Changes data set.
  • Line Item Revisions: Select data points from the Item Changes data set.
  • Categories and Supplemental Questions: Select the Item Question data point.
  • Claims-related: All claims-related data points are in the Claims data set.
  • Policy Deliverables: Deliverables-related data points are in the Files data set.
  • Unbound Policies: All policy-related information for unbound policies is stored in the Quotes data set.