Mark a payment as NSF

If a policyholder’s payment is considered non-sufficient funds, or NSF, it’s recommended that you mark the payment as NSF on the Billing Overview tab of the Accounts Receivable screen.  

To mark a payment as non-sufficient funds from the Accounts Receivable screen of the policy: 

  1. In the Account History table, locate the Payment you want to mark NSF.
  2. Select the gray arrow to open the Details.
  3. Select Non-Sufficient Funds.
  4. In the Non-Sufficient Funds Payment dialog box, select how the NSF fee should be charged. You can:
    1. Assess the NSF fee due with the next bill.
    2. Assess the NSF fee due immediately.
    3. Waive the NSF fee.
  5. Select options for policy cancellation. You can: 
    1. Allow the policy to cancel.
    2. Postpone past outstanding invoices to a new due date.
  6. Select Submit.

The payment is now marked as NSF in the Account History table. You can select the gray arrow to view the NSF Details.