Munich Re BriteCore processing

For BriteCore processing with Munich Re, you can:

  • Set up a new quote and policy.
  • Update the Risk Address.

New quote and policy setup

To set up a new quote or policy for BriteCore processing:

  1. Create a New Quote or select a Policy.
  2. Input Risk Address and all other necessary information.
  3. In the Builder tab, Risk Addresses that are eligible, display Location is eligible for Inland Flood Coverage.
  4. Select Click to add!.

    Note: You can also add coverage by selecting the Add Line Items to Property icon and selecting coverage from the Select Line Items screen.

  5. In the dropdown list, select Limit.
  6. In the dropdown list, select Deductible.
  7. Select Rate and Save.

Update the Risk Address

If Inland Flood Coverage has been applied to a policy and the Risk Address must be updated to an area that is not eligible for this coverage type, the coverage will automatically be removed from the list of Primary Exposures.

Under Builder, you will see the following message: “In 100 Year Flood Plain – Not eligible for Inland Flood Coverage. Coverage has been removed.”

Note: There isn’t an option to add Inland Flood Coverage in the above instance.