Mutual Inspection Bureau setup

The Mutual Inspection Bureau (MIB) provides property inspections by submitting inspection requests to independent inspectors in your area.

BriteCore setup

  1. Contact Dee
  2. Complete paperwork
  3. MIB will provide a:
    1. username
    2. Password
    3. RRI Account Number
  4. In BriteCore, navigate to BriteCore > Settings > Vendors > Mutual Inspection Bureau
    1. Check the box
    2. Select the edit icon
    3. Enter the account information provided by MIB

BriteCore processing

  1. Navigate to the Property tab of a policy
  2. Select Request MIB Inspection. (Ordering reports are reserved for staff only; agents do not see Request MIB Inspection.)
  3. Select the appropriate Report and Supplements
  4. Today’s date will appear under Last Inspection Date
  5. Add a date to the Next Inspection Date section
  6. Run the Inspections Due report to see upcoming inspections
  7. MIB will email the report requester
  8. Upload the report to the policy’s Attachments tab
  9. Lock the report or folder so agents do not have access to it, if applicable

Send comments to MIB

You can send additional questions for coverages to property inspectors through the Mutual Inspection Bureau (MIB) Comments to Inspector section. To navigate to the MIB Request section:

  1. Log in as an Administrator
  2. Create a New Policy
  3. Advance to Property tab
  4. Select on the Request MIB Re-Inspection button
  5. Provide additional information or questions in the Comments to Inspector box.
  6. Comment box defaults to 50 characters. If you need more contact your business analyst.
  7. Select Send Inspection Request
  8. A popup message, like the image below, will confirm your inspection was received.
  9. Select OK.

Note: BriteCore engineers can read PR 9983 for more information.

More Information

  • Inspections are on a per property basis.
  • The inspections appear in properties.inspectionRequestedDate and properties.nextInspectionDate.
  • For debugging purposes, add propertyId via PR 5928.