New agent Schedule Sweep screen design

BriteCore’s Design team has redesigned the Schedule Sweep screen for agents. The Schedule Sweep screen will look different but offer the same functionality.

Note: Anything you can do on the current Schedule Sweep screen, you will be able to do on the new Schedule Sweep screen. See Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Upcoming changes

When released, the new Schedule Sweep screen in BriteCore will:

  • Have a new, updated look, matching the modern style of the Accounts Receivables screens.
  • Provide the same functionality, allowing agents to complete the same tasks they do now.
  • Provide an option to use the current (legacy) Schedule Sweep screen.

Note: At the bottom of the Schedule Sweep screen, you will be able to select Go to legacy page to use the current Schedule Sweep screen instead of the new screen.

  • Use BriteCore’s new design components.
  • Display/hide information based on agent selections, making it easier to find and focus on relevant information.

Note: If an agent navigates to the Schedule Sweep screen from a policy-specific screen, then the policy input will be pre-filled and the associated policy information will be displayed.

Figure 1: The new Schedule Sweep screen.
Figure 2: The current (legacy) Schedule Sweep screen.

Additional information