Nightly processing



With the Policies advanced setting nightly-processing you can choose to manually or automatically process InsVista files and deliverables located in Policies > Processing.

  • If this advanced setting is set to manual, deliverables and files in Policies > Processing will be processed manually.
  • If this setting is set to automatic, today’s pending InsVista files in Policies > Processing will be sent automatically after nightly processing. Today’s pending deliverables pending in Policies > Processing will be sent automatically after nightly processing if they meet the following requirements:
    • The deliverable is flagged as Email Only in the database.
    • The deliverable’s print state is TBD in the database.

      Note: Deliverables flagged as Email Only with a print state of TBD will typically only display in Policies > Processing > Pending Emails. Deliverables that can be sent automatically include policy documents and commission statements.


The nightly-processing advanced setting requires an automatic and manual toggle.

Setting default

By default, the advanced setting nightly-processing is set to manual. You will need to manually send pending deliverables and InsVista files.

Change the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for nightly-processing using the Search for a Setting box. In the nightly-processing box, change the toggle to automatic. After nightly processing occurs, the system will automatically send today’s pending deliverables if they meet the requirements identified above and will send today’s pending InsVista files.

Adoption considerations

When the advanced setting nightly-processing is set to manual, you can review deliverables and InsVista files before you send them out. For example, you can review the policies that will be sent to InsVista and you can remove policies from the InsVista file before you send. You can’t review InsVista files and deliverables before sending them out if nightly-processing is set to automatic.

When deliverables are sent automatically after nightly processing, the system updates the deliverable status to emailed and the print state to printed.

The nightly-processing advanced setting is directly related to the Nightly Processing setting in Settings > Modules > Policies > Processing. You can’t change the setting in this location, but when you change the nightly-processing advanced setting, the system automatically updates the Nightly Processing setting to reflect the same information.