Notes overview – Claims

The Notes screen of a claim contains claim-related system- and user-generated notes. In the Notes screen of a claim, notes are generated when the claim is created and when any claim information, claim contacts, claim accounting information, or claim attachments are updated. The Notes screen of a claim only appears in the Provider Administrator portal.

Across modules, the actions you can complete in the Notes screen are the same. See the Notes overview for more information.

Usage considerations

You can print claims notes by accessing your computer print screen option.

There are settings and advanced settings that specifically impact the Notes screen in a claim.

When the advanced setting default-user-notes-claims is set to True, and you access the Notes screen, you will see only the user-generated claim notes by default. This setting can also be enabled and disabled in the Default Claims notes to show user generated notes checkbox under Settings > Modules > Claims > Options. 

When the setting value is established for the disable-notes-edit-in advanced setting, you can disable the ability to edit user-generated notes after the period of time indicated by the setting value. When you update the setting value in advanced settings, the Disable Notes Edit checkbox in the Settings > Modules > Claims > Options section will also update.