Number engine version



With the number-engine-version advanced setting, you can select the version of claim numbering to use when generating claim numbers.

  • Version 1 (v1) is the older version of numbering. This version is slightly customizable. You can customize the prefix and suffix of the claim number.
  • Version 2 (v2) is the newer version of numbering. This version is more customizable. You can create unique number sequences based on each policy type. These sequences are added to the system by BriteCore.


This setting requires you to input v1 or v2 in the Setting Value box.

Setting default

By default, number-engine-version is set to v1, so the older version of claim numbering is used:

(Prefix) -(YYYY)-(Suffix)

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for number-engine-version. Change the value to v2. The version 2 numbering engine will be enabled.

Adoption considerations

With version 2, the claim number sequence is based on the policy type. The number sequences are custom and added to the system. If a custom numbering sequence isn’t in place, the fallback sequence will be generated when numbering a claim. When version 2 is enabled, the system will update the claim number sequence to the custom numbering sequence if the following are true:

  • The claim number isn’t already a manually created claim number
  • The claim status was changed from uncommitted or pending, or changed from unsubmitted.

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