Number prefix



With the number-prefix advanced setting, you can customize the prefix of your claim numbering sequence.


This setting requires you to type alphanumeric characters in the Setting Value box.

Setting default

By default, number-prefix is set to C, so the claim numbers begin with C.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for number-prefix. In the Setting Value box, type the prefix you want to appear in the claim numbering sequence.

Adoption considerations

When typing the prefix, you can type up to six alphanumeric characters.

Number-prefix is directly related to the setting Claim Numbers in Settings > Modules > Claims. When you change the prefix in Claim Numbers and save it, BriteCore automatically updates the text to match in number-prefix. When you change the prefix in number-prefix, BriteCore updates the prefix in Claim Numbers.

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