NxTech Claims (IVANS)

Note: All references to NxTech in BriteCore refer to IVANS. This service was originally NxTech, but the company has since renamed the service IVANS.

The NxTech Download integration in BriteCore refers to the claims download capability offered by IVANS. For more information about the IVANS Download integration, see IVANS (NxTech) Download services overview.

For the NxTech Claims integration, BriteCore compiles and exports an .xml file overnight that includes applicable transactions from the day before. The .xml file contains information about new claims and changes made to existing claims, such as adding or changing a claims adjuster.

Implement NxTech Claims

The NxTech Claims implementation follows the general implementation process. For the complete implementation process, please see Implement IVANS (NxTech) Download services.