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OBRIEN Insurance Solutions setup

The OBRIEN Insurance Solutions integration offers robust print and mail options for BriteCore clients, including printing and mailing all current deliverables. You will gain access to OBRIEN’s custom portal for managing, approving, and suppressing deliverables. OBRIEN can also assist in the creation and execution of your business continuity plan for policyholder communications.

The OBRIEN integration will also enable and simplify:

  • Adding new custom deliverables
  • Completing one-off mailings
  • Managing communications for cancelations and nonrenewals

OBRIEN is partnered with OnRamp to ensure implementing BriteCore clients is completed remotely, quickly, and efficiently. Outsourcing with OBRIEN will yield cost savings, increase capabilities and efficiencies, and automate processes. This way, you can focus on creating and delivering value for your customers.

Implement OBRIEN Insurance Solutions

OBRIEN and OnRamp complete most of the integration on your behalf. Implementation takes approximately four to six weeks.

Step 1: Contact OBRIEN Insurance Solutions

To contact OBRIEN Insurance Solutions:

  1. Contact OBRIEN Insurance Solutions.
  2. Work with OBRIEN to develop a timeline, roadmap, and pricing estimate for setting up printing and mailing for deliverables.
  3. Review and sign contract and service level agreement.

Once your contract is signed, BriteCore will generate an API key for OBRIEN.

Step 2: OBRIEN will integrate with BriteCore

OBRIEN will use the API key generated by BriteCore to retrieve all documents with the To Be Determined print status and pull them into your custom printing portal.

Stock deliverables are preconfigured. OBRIEN and OnRamp will configure your custom deliverables for OBRIEN’s printing portal.

Step 3: Test the integration

You can test the integration once all deliverables pull into the OBRIEN portal. Review the deliverables in OBRIEN’s portal to verify all deliverables are correctly formatted.

Once all deliverables are tested, OBRIEN will configure their API so deliverables pulled into the OBRIEN portal will have the Printed status in BriteCore.

Note: If you’re using Titanium Blizzard, you will need to turn off Automatic Printing once you’ve completed testing OBRIEN’s integration with BriteCore.

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Need help with a specific integration?

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Need help with a specific integration?