Option Selection overview

An Option Selection data field’s value is selected from a list of options.

The Option Selection options come from two sources:

  • A predefined list.
  • Risks of a certain risk type.

An Option Selection option from the predefined list contains the following fields:

  • Label: A text representation of the option, which is displayed for users.

Note: The label character limit is 250 characters.

  • Value: An internal value of the option, which is used in rating.
  • Reference Name: A name used to reference the option from different versions.

    Note: You can change the Reference Name only from the risk field version it was created in.

Example Option Selection field answers:

  • Alarm (Anti-Theft System from the options None, Alarm, and Passive Disabling Devices)
  • Standard (Tier from the options Standard and Elite)
  • $1,000 (Medical Expense Limit from the options $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000)