Password lockouts

Admin alerts


With the passwordlockouts advanced setting in the admin-alerts section, administrators can choose who receives an email alert when a user gets locked out of BriteCore due to too many invalid password login attempts.


This setting requires a list of email addresses separated by commas.

Setting default

This setting’s default value is blank, so BriteCore doesn’t send an email.

Change the default

Adding recipients’ email addresses to passwordlockouts triggers BriteCore to send email alerts (below) to the designated recipients when a user gets locked out of BriteCore.

BriteCore Alert – Password Lockout Email

A user's account has been locked out of the system due to too many invalid password login attempts. The account will be unfrozen in 4 minute(s). Below is the username the user was trying to use to log in to BriteCore.

Username: [Username]

Note: Only email notification recipients can verify BriteCore sent an email notification.

Adoption considerations

The passwordlockouts advanced setting is the same as the Password Lockouts administrative alert on the Administrative Alerts screen (Settings > System Wide > Administrative Alerts). If you add a new email address to one setting, BriteCore updates the other setting to match.

The passwordlockouts advanced setting is part of the email notifications set up. Clients also have the option to set up email notifications for Failed Email Transmission and System-Generated Email Reply-To.