Payables are payments issued from the carrier instead of issued to the carrier. BriteCore tracks three payables:

  • Claim payments
  • Commission payments
  • Return premiums


Payables are tracked in three queues. Once a payable is within a queue, it can be manually handled or exported to a vendor of your choosing.

Policy queues

  • Commission Payment Queue: Tracks commission payments and is located in Policies > Payments > Pending Commission Payments. See Figure 1. For more information about commissions, see Commissions overview.
    Figure 1: The Commission Payment Queue.
  • Return Premium: Tracks return premiums and is located in Policies > Payments > Return Premium. See Figure 2. For more information about return premiums, see Return Premium overview.
    Figure 2: The Return Premium queue.

Claim Queue

  • Pending Payments (Claims): Tracks claim payments and is located in Claims > Processing > Pending Payments.
    Figure 3: The Claims Pending Payments queue.

For information on the Claims Pending Payments queue, see Processing overview.