Payments overview

If your provider allows it, you can access the Payments module through the Policyholder portal. In the Payments module, you can:

Note: Your provider must enable settings for each payment functionality. The settings determine your options.

Access the My Payments screen

  1. Log in to the Policyholder portal using one of the following options:
  2. There are three ways to access the payment details screen in the Policyholder portal:
    • Select the Navigation menu (the three horizontal lines on the top right), and then select My Payments.
    • On the dashboard, scroll to the Dwelling property card.
      • If you own one policy, select the View Policy link.
      • If you own multiple policies, select the address link of the policy’s payment you want to view.
      • The payment due amount will display only if you have an amount due. Select the Make Payments () link.
    • On the dashboard, scroll to the Payments card. Your access to the payment details screen depends on how many policies and what your payment status is. Table 1 summarizes what displays on your dashboard with the corresponding number of policies and payment status.

Note: If your provider disabled the settings to Allow Auto Pay and/or Show Payment Plan, then the associated links will be hidden. Select the Thank you for your payment on message to access the Payments Details screen.

Table 1: Dashboard display options