Peril groups overview

Peril groups are composed of similar perils or causes of loss. To access the Peril Groups screen, select Components from the Claims menu and Peril Groups from the Components dropdown list.

Figure 1: The Peril Groups screen.


Peril Groups screen fields

  1. Peril Groups table: The Peril Groups table provides an alphabetical list of the peril group names and the accompanying list of perils included within each peril group.
  2. Add a New Peril Group +: The Add a New Peril Group + button opens the Peril Group dialog box, where you can add a new peril group.
  3. Pencil icon: The pencil icon allows you to edit the peril group it is next to.
  4. Red X: The red X allows you to remove the peril group it is next to.

Peril Groups screen actions

In the Peril Groups screen you can: