Perils are the cause of loss. In the Perils screen, you can manage the perils that will appear in the Loss Cause dialog box in the Provider Administrator portal or the Loss Cause dropdown list in the Agent portal. To access the Perils screen, select Components from the Claims menu, and then select Perils from the Components dropdown list.

By default, ISO perils are added to the Perils list. ISO perils are named and coded perils. If you’re using ISO APLUS as a vendor, it is recommended that you use ISO perils.

Figure 1: View of the Perils screen.


Perils screen fields

  1. Perils table – The Perils table displays an alphabetical list of perils and each peril’s accompanying code.
  2. Add a New Peril +  – The Add a New Peril + button allows you to create a new peril to add to the list.
  3. Pencil icon – With the pencil icon, you can choose to edit the peril it is next to.
  4. Red X – With the red X, you can choose to remove the peril it is next to.

Perils screen actions

Within the Perils screen, you can: