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Don’t use end punctuation in headlines, headings, subheadings, UI titles, or UI text. If the end of a sentence is a link, do not include the period in the link.

End all sentences with a period, even if they’re only two words. Put one space, not two, after a period.

Headline example:

Be brief—make every word count

Text example:

Be brief. Make every word count.

In bulleted and numbered lists, end each list item with a period if:

  • Any item forms a complete sentence when combined with the list introduction that precedes the colon.
    • Exception: Don’t use periods if all the items are UI labels, headings, subheadings, or strings.
  • Any item by itself is a complete sentence.
  • Don’t use semicolons, commas, or conjunctions (and, or, but) at the end of list items. List items will either end with a period or not.

Table of Contents