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Plugin manager web UI

The plugin manager web UI allows users to manage plugins. The web UI allows users to add, edit, and delete plugins.

Note: Customers can contact BriteCore to request that the UI is enabled on their site by adding the Integrations module in BriteDeploy for BriteCore-UI.

The web UI also lets users see recent messages sent to each subscription.

Note: The UI and API don’t enforce any authorization. Any authenticated user can create, delete, and view a plugin. This could allow an unauthorized user to gain access to information not intended for the user. The configuration text box value is converted to JSON upon registration or update.

Access the plugin manager web UI

Step 1: Select All Products at the bottom of the BriteCore menu.

Step 2: On the All Products dashboard, select Integrations.

Figure 1: All Products dashboard.

Step 3: On the Integrations screen, select Plugins.

Figure 2: Integrations screen.

Create a new plugin

Step 4: On the Plugins screen, select New Plugin.

Figure 3: Plugins screen; New Plugin appears at top-right.

Step 5: In the Register Plugin dialog box:

  1. Type the plugin name in the Name box.
  2. Type the slot name in the Slot Name box.
  3. Type the base URL in the Base URL box.
  4. Type the Resource path.
  5. Type the Configuration Object.
  6. Select Register Plugin.
Figure 4: Register Plugin dialog box and button.

Edit a plugin

On the Plugins screen, navigate to the plugin row you want to update and select Edit.

Figure 4: Plugin manager screen

In the Update Plugin dialog box, edit the details.

Figure 6: Edit a plugin via the Update Plugin dialog box.

Select Update Plugin to save.

Delete a plugin

On the Plugins screen, navigate to the plugin row you want to delete and select Delete.

In the Confirm dialog box, select Yes, delete.

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