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PNC Lockbox overview

PNC is a bank that provides financial services to BriteCore customers, such as PNC Lockbox. PNC Lockbox processes mail-in payments for carriers.

Note: While BriteCore doesn’t directly interact with PNC services, it can consume data related to it.


The PNC Lockbox integration allows PNC to:

  • Provide a dedicated PO box for mail-in payments.
  • Process mail-in payments.
  • Send BriteCore a payments file, which is automatically applied to the applicable policies.


  • Reduces the time and effort carriers spend processing mail-in payments.
  • Works with print vendors.
  • Includes the carrier’s name above the PNC-issued PO box address on the payment coupon.


  • Requires custom templates/deliverables.
  • Complicates the use of print vendors; BriteCore has to ensure the custom billing documents don’t break the print vendor’s code for rendering documents.
  • Requires weekly calls with PNC during implementation.

Note: The considerations above can increase costs and add complexity to the BriteCore implementation process.

Supported products

BriteCore supports PNC Lockbox’s mail-in payment processing services.

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Need help with a specific integration?

Related topics

Need help with a specific integration?