Policies icon



The Policies icon provides the link to the Policies module in BriteCore. The Policies module allows users to manage policies so they can search, create, renew, modify, and cancel policies, as well as process and track policy payments.


This field appears in the main BriteCore menu.

Field default

By default, the Policies icon isn’t highlighted.

Change the default

When you select the Policies icon, BriteCore highlights the Policies icon and the submenu tabs appear.

Usage considerations

The Policies module can’t be customized and will behave differently in each user portal. In the Administrative portal, selecting the Policies icon will open the submenu tabs of Policies, Payments, Processing, and Notes. In the Agent portal, selecting the Policies icon will open the submenu tab of Policies. In both portals, the enable-new-policy-search advanced setting controls the appearance of the Legacy Search tab in the submenu. If the advanced setting enable-new-policy-search is set to True, Legacy Search will also appear as a submenu tab; if set to False, Legacy Search won’t appear. When you select the Policies icon, the submenu Policies tab is automatically selected. You don’t need to enable or disable settings to use the Policies module.

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