Gen 3


Policies settings – display agent card on the dashboard

The Policies setting determines whether Agency contact information is visible on the Policyholder portal dashboard.

If the setting is enabled, only Agency contact information will display on the Your Agent card on the Dashboard page and the Your Agent tab on the Contact Us page.

If the setting is disabled, both Agency and Agent Contact Information will display on the Your Agent card on the Dashboard page and the Your Agent tab on the Contact Us page.

If Agency Information doesn’t exist in BriteCore, then the Your Agent card on the dashboard and the Your Agent tab may not display even if the setting is enabled.

To display the agent card on the Policyholder portal dashboard:

  1. Go to the Settings dashboard.
  2. Under Settings in the sidebar, select Policies.
  3. Under Agency Information Only, select the slide to enable. Select the slide again to disable.