Policies tab



The Policies tab allows users to search and create policies and quotes so they can efficiently review and generate policies.


The Policies tab appears on the Policies module submenu.

Field default

By default, the Policies tab is highlighted, and the Policies screen is opened when the Policies icon is selected.

Change the default

If you open another tab from the Policies submenu, you can click the Policies tab at any time to reopen the Policies screen.

Usage considerations

The Policies tab can’t be customized and the displayed options to write new business vary in each user portal. In the Provider Administrator portal, the Create New Policy and Create Policy (Legacy) options appear if the Policies advanced setting use-wizard is set to True. If the Policies advanced setting use-wizard is set to False, the Policies screen will only display Create Policy as the option to write new business. In the Agent portal, the Policies tab will display Create New Quote as the option to write new business, regardless of the Policies use-wizard setting. A setting doesn’t have to be enabled or disabled for the Policies tab to appear.

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