Policy Attachments screen overview

Within a policy, you can use the Attachments screen to locate and manage files for a specific policy. The Attachments screen contains both system- and user-generated folders and files.

Attachments structure

Information within the Attachments screen falls into one of three categories:

  • Folder: The folder contains related subfolders or files. System-generated folders will share the same name as the deliverable or report contained within it.

    Example: Declaration deliverables will appear in the Declaration folder.

  • Subfolder: The subfolder contains related files and additional related subfolders. Subfolders are applicable only to policies and claims; they group deliverables by date.

    Example: 08-31-2019 – Declaration and 08-25-2019 – Declaration subfolders will appear within the Declaration folder.

  • File: Files are the dated, individual, system-created or user-uploaded files.

    Example: 08-25-2019 – Declaration – <Named Insured> would be the file name for a declaration generated on 08-25-2019 for the identified named insured. The file would appear in either the 08-25-2019 – Declaration subfolder, which is contained within the folder Declaration, or in the Declaration folder.

Attachments actions

When working with a policy, use the Attachments screen to: