Policy change log

Visible only to those with database access, the policy_change_log tracks changes to policies not specifically captured elsewhere. The information is used for vendor or case-specific reporting.

Example: To track submitted applications by agent, the following query could be used:

SELECT dateCursor, dateStamp, policyNumber, contacts.name FROM policy_change_log JOIN contacts ON contacts.id = policy_change_log.contactId WHERE transaction=’application submitted’ AND deleted=0

Changes captured

The following changes are captured in the log:

  • Agent/agency changed
  • Application submitted
  • Change submitted
  • Effective date changed
  • Mortgagee added
  • Mortgagee deleted
  • Policy canceled
  • Policy created
  • Policy expired
  • Policy non-pay cancellation pending
  • Policy reinstated
  • Policy renewed
  • Policy rewritten
  • Premium changed
  • Primary insured changed
  • Primary insured address changed
  • Property address changed
  • Renewal status changed to non-renew
  • Renewal status changed to renew
  • Policy set to active
  • Policy underwriting cancellation pending
  • Loss payee added
  • Loss payee deleted
  • Mortgagee updated
  • Property deleted


Sometimes, policies may not get their policy_change_log.dateCursor value set as expected, especially during the conversion mass-commit process. To fix these values retrospectively, engineers can use the./bin/quickfix_scripts/revalidate_change_log_date_cursor.py script. See PR9054 for more information.