Policy dialog box in BriteClaims

The policy dialog box contains important policy information that is pulled into any claim filed on the policy. To access the policy dialog box:

  1. Within a claim file, locate the left navigation bar.
  2. Select the link icon next to the Policy ID under Claim Details. The policy dialog box will display.

For personal auto, the policy dialog box contains the following tabs:

  • Overview
  • Drivers
  • Coverages
  • Claims

You can navigate through the policy dialog box by selecting any of the tabs. You can close the policy dialog box by selecting Close or by selecting the X. You can view the policy declaration by selecting View Declaration. You can check for policy revisions by selecting the Check for new policy revision link.


On the Overview tab, you can view the Policy Details and Agency Details

  • Policy Status: Displays the policy status and policy term.
  • Revision Date: Displays the last revision date. To check for additional revisions, select the Check for new policy revision link.
  • Last refreshed: Displays the date the policy was last refreshed. If the policy hasn’t been refreshed then no date will appear.
  • Renewal Date: Displays the renewal date of the policy.
  • Primary insured: Displays the name and physical address of the primary insured.
  • Additional insureds: Displays the name and address of any additional insureds.
  • Agency: Displays the name of the agency that wrote the policy.
  • Agency address: Displays the physical address of the agency on the policy.


On the Drivers tab, you can view all drivers listed on the policy along with their birth date, gender, and marital status. When you select the caret next to a driver’s name, you can also view the driver’s Driver Information (License Number, License State, License Date, Driver Points, etc.) and their Accident Information.


On the Coverages tab, you can view all risks on the policy. When you select the folder next to a risk, you can view all coverages associated with that risk on the policy.


On the Claims tab, you can view all claims filed against the policy. The claims can be closed and can be past claims.